Outdoor & Drive In Cinema Hire Incorporating our Silent Disco Technology

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The current covid19 pandemic has changed our lives and the event world in so many ways. However, our team is on hand to assist you plan and run a covid-safe event. Outdoor and Drive in cinemas have grown in popularity over the past few years.

a silent solution makes us more versatile

Outdoor Cinema Hire UK

Providing all-inclusive Indoor and Outdoor Cinema Hire with over 10 Years experience providing silent disco hire and events across the UK and Europe. We supply everything you need for your Cinema Hire including our Inflatable Screen, Projector, Silent Headphones, Support Equipment and our helpful Staff.

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Outdoor Cinema screen Hire

We can have both 12ft or 30ft screens available that can screen between 20-2000 people. We take care of the safety and planning of the event. We have furniture, foot stalls and entertainment available for you to hire, including many other extras.

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silent cinema

Outdoor Cinema Hire

We provide the latest technology in Inflatable Outdoor Cinema Screens and High Definition projection. The Silent Cinema Company are one of the most reputable Outdoor Cinema providers in the UK who offer Inflatable Cinema Screens of the highest quality with an added twist of Silent Disco tech too.

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corporate hire

Outdoor Cinema screen Hire

Even if you are having a corporate event we can provide you with a silent cinema screen to display your presentation, images or display. The options are never-ending with our cinema screens.

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Hire An Outdoor Cinema

Enjoy the Silent Cinema Experience

The concept of a Silent Cinema is fairly new and people constantly ask how does it work? It is very simple. We use state of the art fully rechargeable LED headphones with powerful transmitters to ensure perfect quality.

The music source is then plugged in to the transmitter and away you go. All our silent cinema headphones come in fully rechargeable flight cases for maximum protection and durability.

Outdoor Cinema For Hire

our Outdoor Cinema incorporates our silent disco technology.
Whether its in a venue, outdoor space or festival. With our 30ft Screen we can cater for large audiences with setup in just 60 minutes.

The Silent Cinema Company incorporates its Silent Disco technology to give you the best cinema experience possible, from drive-in cinema experiences, to outdoor and indoor cinema experiences. Offering services that are perfect for all events, indoor or outdoor, we can provide an experience like no other for your event.

We are a London and Essex based company, specialising in silent cinema equipment for rental. We also offer a range of other solutions for parties and corporate events. Our experienced team will help you through every step of the way to ensure the process leading up to your event and the event itself is stress free for you.

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